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“In late April I developed pains in my left shoulder and arm similar, I suppose, to arthritis.  Being in the home building business and often pitching in and doing hard manual labor, I attributed this to a strain or something similar.  However, after several days of the pain getting progressively worse, I went to my family M.D.  After examination and x-rays he diagnosed it as an arthritic spine and put me in traction.  After several days of this and no relief I called Dr. Radford Blankenship.  He saw me almost immediately and thoroughly examined and x-rayed me.  He asked to study the results over the weekend.  On the next appointment, he showed me the x-rays and very carefully explained in the fullest detail just what my problem was and how he could help me.  He gave me my first adjustment.  As I came from his office I felt a lessening of the terrible pain that I had experienced for so long.  Dr. Blankenship had me come to his office in two days for another treatment.  After the second visit all the pain was gone and after the third treatment the numbness in my fingers was gone.

I have now had eleven treatments over a period of two months.  I have no pain whatsoever.  My arms and back feel absolutely great.  I feel better all over than I have for many years.  I can honestly and humbly say Dr. Blankenship has my deepest gratitude and thanks for helping me.”

- R.W., Statesville, N.C.

“My wife and I visited your Chiropractic Clinic for her regular adjustment.  Purely through conversation, she told you of the severe pain I was having in the back of both eyes.  I had problems driving to the clinic, never dreaming Chiropractic could help.  You listened and stated that you might be able to help, but if not, you advised I see an eye doctor soon.  You thoroughly examined my head and neck area and adjusted me.  Before leaving the clinic, the pain behind both eyes was gone.  It felt so wonderful, and when I stepped into the daylight, I was not squinting my eyes.  It’s been 14 days now and the pain has not returned.  Before attending the clinic, my wife and I both suffered pains in the back, legs, and a burning sensation in the thighs.  I have been told that I have a deterioration of the back.  Regular adjustments have kept us on our feet.  Knowing my body as I do, I consider this miraculous.”

- F.B., Statesville, N.C.

“Around November I came down with this back problem.  My medical doctor said that I had a nerve condition and I would have to get off my feet as the misery went down my left leg.  I could not stand to walk on it, nor bend it at all.  I stayed in bed for more than a month and it got no better, so my medical doctor sent me to a very well known clinic in North Carolina.  The doctor there said that I had a disc problem and started me to coming back and forth to the clinic.  I did that for about two months and I got no better.  He said he was going to operate on my back if the condition did not change, so I decided I was not having my back operated on.

My husband talked me into coming to see Dr. Blankenship, as he had helped him very much with a back problem.  I did this, and in a few weeks I started feeling much better.  As time went on, I continued to improve.  For over a year now, I have been doing part-time work.  I am very grateful for the help Dr. Blankenship has been able to give me by releasing health from within.  I am now seeing the doctor once every six weeks to maintain the good health I have achieved.”

- U.J., Statesville, N.C.

“My experience with Chiropractic is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I compare it to when I took Christ as my personal Savior.  I wanted the whole world to know what it did for me.  I thought I had arthritis and my M.D. gave me pills, but I suffered just the same.  Maybe it deadened the pain, but it was still there.  When I would do strenuous work, I would think I had pulled a muscle and he sent me to a surgeon who gave me a couple of shots in the muscle.  Finally, my back got so bad I could hardly walk and I went back to the surgeon.  He pressed on it a little and said he couldn’t really find that much wrong and that I was looking for an excuse to complain and it was all in my mind and imagination.  I felt so small and degraded and didn’t know what to do next.  I went home and called my boss and told him I could not work and what the surgeon had told me.  He asked me if I would go to a Chiropractor and I told him I would go anywhere to get some relief.  Dr. Radford H. Blankenship was so kind and understanding and found my trouble and I could walk better after my first visit.  After a few visits, I felt better all the time.  I have had pain so long I had forgotten how it felt to feel good.  I was so nervous and had terrible headaches and didn’t sleep well at night.  Now I feel good; have no more headaches; and sleep very well at night.  My nerves are so much better and I look forward to each new day.  No pills to take for the pain; and I have my usual smile for everyone.  My friends can see the big change in me, and I tell them exactly what did it (Chiropractic).   What I’m trying to say is, “I think Chiropractic is the greatest”, and the answer to 100% of aches and pains.  It’s great to feel good and feel young again.  I thank my boss for suggesting Chiropractic care and my friends, my advice to you is, “Try it.  You’ll like it, too.” 

- S.V., Statesville, N.C.

“I was first taken to Wilkes General Hospital for back problems.  I could not stand for my back to be touched.  I could not even stand without humping over.  At the hospital they made x-rays of my back.  They told me I had pulled muscles and to stay in bed for two weeks.  I was given medication for the pain and also was told to use a heating pad.  I was in continuous pain.  A friend told us about Dr. Blankenship and suggested that I come and see him.  After my first adjustment, the soreness left my back.  I knew immediately that he was going to be able to help me!  The results were great!  I have gained weight and feel great.  I only have one regret, though; and that is that I did not find out about the benefits of Chiropractic sooner!”

- R.R., North Wilkesboro, N.C.

“I first started coming to Dr. Blankenship because of pain in my lower back.  I had been in pain for two weeks and I could barely walk.  I had been to no other doctors and was taking no medication.  I had a relative who had similar problems and had found relief through a chiropractor, so I decided to come to Dr. Blankenship.  I had no doubts that Dr. Blankenship could help me.  I was so impressed by the care that was given to me at Dr. Blankenship’s clinic.  Since I sit at work, Dr. Blankenship recommended to me that I stay home in a reclined position.  In just two weeks’ time, I was able to return to work.  I would recommend to anyone that is sick, suffering, or in pain to visit a chiropractor.  I have told my family and many friends of the benefits of Chiropractic care and I myself plan to continue my monthly check-ups so that I can continue to enjoy good health!”

- R.B., Statesville, N.C.

“My daughter was 6 weeks old when her doctor told us he felt that something was wrong.  We took her for her 6 week examination and the doctor found that her hips were stiff and her weight gain had been but a few ounces instead of several pounds.  He had us bring her into his clinic for several other routine check-ups before he decided that a pediatrician should see her.

The pediatrician saw her and made x-rays of her hips in his office.  In just a few short minutes he told us that he felt she had a bone disease and he would like for us to take her to a local hospital for more x-rays and to come back in one week for the results.  We took her that afternoon to the hospital for more x-rays.  The results were negative.  The pediatrician stated that he just did not know what the trouble was and that we would have to wait and see how she developed.

At nine months, she could not sit up and her hips were still stiff.  Her weight was far from normal.  She had a jerky motion.  She could not turn her neck to the right as far as she should be able to.  She kicked her legs together instead of one at a time.  Her digestion was not as it should be.

Our daughter was nine months old when she was admitted to one of North Carolina’s largest and best medical centers.  Her admitting card stated “Cerebral Palsy and not thriving”.  While at the center, she had a spinal tap, brain scan, blood, urine and other tests.  We were told after three days of tests that they were unable to pinpoint or diagnose her case.  The specialists could not tell us what the future would be for her.  We moved to Statesville and saw Dr. Blankenship.  He suggested that we bring our daughter into the clinic and let him check her spine.  Shortly after this, we made an appointment for her.

What does Chiropractic mean to me and my family?  It has meant that our youngest daughter, now 22 months, after three adjustments in one week’s time, stood up by herself in her walker and pushed herself around.  She started kicking her legs in a normal way.  Her neck is not stiff any longer.  All the extra motion that she once had has now all but disappeared.  She can crawl and take steps by holding on to the furniture.  She can pull herself up, not only to sit, but also to stand.  She can now eat some solid foods and she has gained more weight in the last two months than at any one time in her life.

As we all know, when our children are well and happy, it means we as parents can also be happy.  The Blankenship Chiropractic Clinic, along with God’s help has performed miracles with our daughter.  She is now on the way to becoming a happy little girl.  Words cannot express how we feel about Chiropractic, for as you have just read, it has done so much for us.”

- R. & J., Statesville, N.C.

“I am proud to say that I feel better after my first trip to the Chiropractor.  I had a headache for months, but now my head doesn’t bother me at all.  I am proud to say he has helped my spine.  Thank the Lord I feel different!  I had tried everything and nothing seemed to help me, but Chiropractic has.”

- M.M., Statesville, N.C.

“For the past four to five years I have had bad headaches.  I also have some hearing loss in my left ear and pass out sometimes.  The headaches are the worst.  They even cause my neck to hurt.  They hurst so bad that I cry.  I even think that I will die for the pain.  I try to lie really still so it won’t hurt as bad, but usually I get very sick on my stomach.  I have been to three pediatricians for my headaches, but none have been able to help me.  I have even been on medication without any relief.  I have been to a doctor for my ear and allergies and not much help there either.  Finally, several of my mom’s friends and even my dad had been to a chiropractor and received relief from their pain.  So, my mom decided to see what a chiropractor could do for my headaches.
I entered Dr. Blankenship’s office.  I did not know what was going to happen to me; I only hoped he could get rid of my headaches.  His office is very pretty and the people are very nice to me.  Dr. Blankenship took a small x-ray of me and told me he could help me.  I was so happy!  He told me I would need to come and see him about five or six times and do some exercises each morning and at night.  I did what Dr. Blankenship told me to do and have not even had the slightest headache.” 

- J.T., Statesville, N.C.



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